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Greenville Code Enforcement Officer - Jack Hart

Jack Hart is available: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm (call first) to answer any questions you may have concerning property you're interested in or projects you may be considering. Building permits are available as well. For appointment with Code Enforcement Officer call ahead -



Welcome to Greenville! We hope you find what you are looking for while reveling in the beauty of our area and we wish you well.
The citizens of Greenville take pride in their town and the fact that it has remained virtually untouched by the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the busy world around us. Probably one of the reasons you are here and looking at property is because you, too, feel a sense of enchantment and wonder at the generous gifts nature has bestowed upon the Moosehead Lake Region. 

To help preserve the natural beauty and rural charm of the area, the residents of Greenville have established and approved a land use ordinance to provide for the health, safety and general welfare of its inhabitants, as well as to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the town. 

This ordinance has been designed to promote coordinated development of unbuilt areas while at the same time conserving natural resources. All construction within the Town requires a building permit. Construction within shoreland districts is regulated by both State and local ordinance. Many permits may be issued directly by the Code Enforcement Officer, others may require Planning Board review. 

The Code Enforcement Officer is the Town's zoning administrator. The Planning Board meets twice a month on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 4pm. Building permit applications are available at the Town Office or on this website. We hope you find the property you want and we are ready to help you work towards building your dream. 

The Code Enforcement Officer is available Monday - Friday, 8am – 4pm (call first 207-695-2421) to answer any questions you may have concerning property you're interested in or projects you may be considering.