Greenville Fire Department

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Fire Chief Matt St. Laurent

10 Minden Street
Greenville, Maine 04441
Phone: (207) 695-2570

Greenville Fire Department

Established by a vote of residents in 1913, the Moosehead Lake Fire Department is a division of municipal government. Areas served by the fire department include not only Greenville and Greenville Junction, but also Little Squaw Township, Harford's Point, Big Squaw Township, Lily Bay, Beaver Cove through to Kokadjo, and Frenchtown. As part of a mutual aid agreement, the fire department offers assistance to Brownville, Brownville Junction, Milo, Dover-Foxcroft, Sangerville, Guilford, Monson, and Shirley. In addition to responding to fires, the department responds to vehicular accidents and operates the Jaws of Life extrication equipment. After working with Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home, C.A. Dean Ambulance, Police Department, Highway Department, McCrory Funeral Home, the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Maine Forest Service a county management plan has been put into place.


16C1 ~ Matt St. Laurent Chief
16C2 ~ Gavin Oelschlegel Assistant Chief
16C3 ~ Josh Gould Deputy Chief
1601 ~ Dakota Harris 1st Captain
1602 ~ Darin Larabee 2nd Captain
1603 ~ Eric Nelson Lead Engineer
1604 ~ Paul Sikes Engineer
1605 ~ Jim Bobletz Engineer
1606 ~ Andrew Wopat Engineer
Andrew Gravelle Fireman
Bruce Reed Fireman
Chad Owens Fireman
Daniel Savory Jr. Firefighter #3
EMS1 ~ Kevin Springer EMS Director / Paramedic
Jamie Brown Fireman
Jeff Pomerleau Fireman / GPD Police Chief
John Simko Fireman
Kevin Goodrich Fireman
Mike Drinkwater Fireman
Mike Johnston Fireman
Richard Peat Fireman
Sam Murray Jr. Fireman #2
Sawyer Murray Jr. Fireman #1
TRNG1 ~ David Chasse Lead Engineer
TRNG2 ~ Patrick Goetz Training Officer