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FAA Identifier:  3B1
Lat/Long:  45-27-46.2000N / 069-33-05.9400W
45-27.770000N / 069-33.099000W
45.4628333 / -69.5516500 (estimated)
Elevation:  1401.8 ft. / 427.3 m (surveyed)
Variation:  18W (1995)
From city:  2 miles E of GREENVILLE, ME
Time zone:  UTC -5 (UTC -4 during Daylight Saving Time)
Zip code:  04441

Always consult NOTAM's: http://www.airnav.com/airport/3B1-NOTAM

Airport Fixed Operator: 207-299-8220

Peter Thompson DBA: Fletcher Mountain Aviation
DigiWX Advisor


Airport Hangar Availability

Currently there are two lots available for hangar development at the Greenville Municipal Airport.
Contact the Greenville Town Office for further information.
Jesse Crandall - Town Manager
(207) 695-2421

Airport Long-Term Parking

The Town of Greenville provides long-term parking in a gravel lot it has developed off the access road. Twenty-five permits for registered motor vehicles will be issued for this lot with an annual fee of $125 per applicant. Each permittee will be allowed to park his or her vehicle in the lot during the calendar year; vehicles parked in the lot without a permit will be towed at the owner’s expense. Permittees agree to park their vehicles in the Town’s long term parking lot at their own risk. General maintenance services, including snow-plowing, will be provided by the Town.

To apply, fill out the Long Term Parking form and return it with your $125 fee to Greenville Town Office PO Box 1109 Greenville, ME 04441. The permit will expire December 31 of each year.

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Fee Schedule

January - $125.00 February- $114.59 March - $104.18 April - $93.77 May - $83.36 June - $72.95 July - $62.54 August - $52.13 September - $41.72 October - $31.31 November - $20.90 December - $10.41